About Us

Doing tomorrow’s business today.

CamMistry is the first of its kind in Asia and the first all-in-one full projection, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) interactive restaurant and club lounge. It is an exploratory expedition into cuisines and ingredients and the ways in which they interact and combine with VR and AR technologies to enhance your senses and to give you the ultimate dining experience by immersing you into a multi sensory digital dining wonderland. 

It forges new perceptions on food and flavours and leaves you with a lasting impression and taste on your palate. “Who would say no to that?

Waiting Room’ is more than a welcome area and an extension of Cammistry. It is a charismatic live music bar lounge and the cornerstone of the ‘Cammistry experience,’ with a wide offering of
international tastes locally! International acts, international beers,
international wines & spirits and international appetisers served by our hospitable international team of Cammistry-Waiting Room Ambassadors.

Because we truly believe in first impressions and lasting experiences

Ivory Smith

"Maestro Extraordinaire, Ivory Pernell Smith aka MC IVORY is an American rapper, performer and basketball coach currently based in Malaysia.” ​

Maike Elcano

"Maike is from the Philippines, she is our host ambassador , she will take care of everything, so that you can enjoy your time with your loved ones.”

Dustin Walker

"Dustin is one of the best ambassadors, he's service skills are quite unique and his main goal is to make you feel the Cammistry Experience.”

Tareq "Req" Bin Zeyad

"Tareq is the best ambassador you can ask for, he will always be there for anything you need.”

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